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A4 Multi-function Double-sided Printing Office Paper Cooy Paper

Copy paper is the material with the largest consumption in electrostatic copiers and is the embodiment of copy quality. Although copy paper is a special paper for copiers, it has the widest application range and can be widely used in copiers, dot matrix printers, laser printers, inkjet printers, etc. when the output effect requirements are not very high, especially in dot matrix printers and laser printers

    The advantage of copy paper

    1.Copy paper is usually whiter and smoother, which makes it ideal for printing and copying documents. Copy paper provides clear, vivid printing, with images and text appearing sharp.

    2.Copy paper is of high quality and is also durable and does not easily turn yellow or tear

    3.Copy paper is usually thicker and less likely to tear or wrinkle, so it is also suitable for making some handicrafts that require greater toughness, such as origami or folding boxes.

    4.Soft whiteness, visual comfort, flat and smooth surface, clear printing and copying, excellent stiffness, smooth output, suitable for double-sided use, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, prints and copies can be preserved for a longer time.

    Copy paper is great deman

    1.In a digital environment, paper is still one of the irreplaceable office supplies. For example, for some documents that need to be signed and stamped, paper is still necessary. In addition, for some important documents, such as contracts and agreements, paper also plays an irreplaceable role.

    2.It has a wide range of applications and can also be used in dot matrix printers, laser printers, inkjet printers and other devices that do not require very high output effects. It is especially widely used in dot matrix printers and laser

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    High quality copy paper

    1. Paper with high whiteness and good gloss: With high whiteness, the copied documents are clearer and brighter. At the same time, its glossiness is also high, making the documents more beautiful.

    2. Thickness, hardness and strength are high: Its hardness and strength can ensure the transparency and durability of the document, preventing it from being torn, folded or deformed. This makes the copied document more durable and easy to store.

    3. Made of natural wood: no negative impact on the environment. At the same time, its paper can be recycled, reducing waste and reducing the burden on the environment.


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