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Cash register paper 80mmx80m Thermal paper Bank hospital machine printer paper Supermarket receipt paper

Thermal paper is a special type of paper that is manufactured by coating a high-quality base paper with a "thermal coating" (a heat-sensitive color-changing layer). Although there are over a dozen chemicals used in this color-changing layer, at least the following compounds are used: a colorless dye, which has a wide variety of types and the most commonly used is fluorescent compounds; a developer that makes up less than 20% of the total, commonly used are bisphenol and p-hydroxybenzoic acid; an intensifier that makes up less than 10% of the total, which contains benzenesulfonamide-type compounds; fillers that make up less than 50% of the total, commonly used are calcium carbonate (particles); a binder that makes up less than 10% of the total, such as polyvinyl acetate; and stabilizers such as diphenylphthalate. Therefore, the manufacturing process is difficult and requires high technical requirements.

    Thermal paper is in great demand

    1. Thermal paper is in rich demand in Glob

    2. With the improvement of financial terminals, the way of family credit card transactions has been cultivated

    3. The improvement of per capita consumption power has greatly promoted the development of the retail industry of shopping malls and supermarkets, and then strongly promoted the market demand for thermal paper self-adhesive stickers and thermal paper cash register paper.

    4. With the development of social economy, the market demand for various office supplies, including label printers, has gradually increased, and the corresponding market share of thermal paper will also develop rapidly in the next few years.

    5.all-round 360 production line cutting group stop workflow, enabling automatic tube feeding, automatic feed, automatic cutting, automatic transmission operation.

    6.Using KASRY Nesting programming system as a major programming tool, the software programming platform AUTOCAD basic, simple, graphical and intuitive, feature-rich, it can greatly improve operational efficiency.

    The advantages of thermal paper depend on

    1.100% pure wood paddle, clear printing, smooth coloring, symmetrical thermistor coating.

    2. There is a heat-sensitive protective layer, which can be stored for a long time before use and will not fade.

    3. There are various specifications and models, including thermal paper, cash register paper, restaurant paper, shopping mall paper, etc. Different customer requirements can be considered.

    4. The machine is stable, no paper card, no slip.

    Detailed Photos

    Selling point picture 1xs3 Selling point picture 28ey Selling point picture 3z0r Selling point picture 43vx

    High quality thermal paper

    1.Appearance: The appearance of good thermal paper is free of impurities, high smoothness, not rough feel, and uniform paper when transmitting light.

    2.Color rendering: High color rendering density, clear writing, is one of the most important properties of thermal paper.

    3.Sun exposure comparison identification: The printed paper is daubed with a highlighter and placed in the sun, which paper turns black the fastest, indicating that the shorter the time can be saved.

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