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What is Glass Cardboard?



Glass cardboard, also known as cast coated paper and mirror coated paper, is a high quantitative (generally more than 150g/m) cast coated paper. The production process of glass cardboard is different from that of ordinary coated paper. The paper coated with paint first passes through a drying oven and passes through a large diameter chrome-plated dryer with a mirror-like surface in a semi-dry state. The coating replicates the surface of the cylinder during the drying process to form a smooth surface.


Glass cardboard A high quantitative (generally more than 150g/m) cast coated paper. It is generally white, with a whiteness of more than 85%. There are also some products in color. With high smoothness, gloss, high stiffness.


Glass cardboard is widely used in high-end packaging boxes, high-end cigarette packaging boxes, lamination, medicine, cosmetic packaging, name-brand clothing tags, invitations for large banquets and large business negotiations, menus used in high-profile star-rated luxury hotels, and programs used in large artistic performances are most common. The selection of this material for the packaging of its products, so that you have a feeling of exquisite decoration, the use of materials. The sealing performance of the drug packaging box made of it is also better, and it has become one of the materials for the packaging of some high-end products.


Glass cardboard is a new printing material commonly used in recent years. Use it to print exquisite high-grade color prints, can obtain better finished color. However, if we do not know enough about its printability and adjust the process improperly, there will be some defects such as poor color, loss of mark and sticky dirt. This will not maintain the unique style of glass cardstock printing.