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What is the difference between coated paper labels and thermal paper labels?

2024-03-08 17:49:39

The self-adhesive label is composed of three parts: base paper, face paper and adhesive as a glue between the two. The most common self-adhesive labels in the range are coated paper labels and thermal paper labels. But what's the difference between thermal paper labels and coated paper labels?

label composition.png

1.What is coated paper label?

Coated paper label is a self-adhesive label with coated paper as the face paper. Coated paper is a high-grade printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint. Also known as coated printing paper. Scope of application: medicine, food, drinks, electrical, cultural supplies, etc

coated paper label.png

2. What is thermal paper label?

Thermal paper label is a self-adhesive label with thermal paper as face paper. Thermal paper is a kind of processing paper, the manufacturing principle is in high quality base paper coated with a layer of "thermal coating "(thermal color layer). Scope of application: supermarket cashier receipts, clothing tags, etc.

thermal paper label.png

3.The difference between the two

(1) Different storage times

The storage time of coated paper labels is longer than that of thermal paper labels. Generally, the storage time of coated paper labels is about 2 years, but thermal paper labels are only saved for about half a year due to their own attributes.

(2)Different temperature effects

Generally, after the temperature of thermal paper labels is higher than 30 degrees, the handwriting printed on the label is easy to disappear. What is the reason for this? Mainly when the temperature is too high, a chemical reaction occurs on the surface of the thermal paper label, causing its handwriting to disappear. Because the surface of the thermal paper label contains chemical layers, and the coated paper does not, the coated paper is less affected by temperature.

(3)Whether cooperate with Barcode ribbon

Barcode ribbon is a crucial component in thermal transfer printing, transferring ink onto labels for creating durable and scannable barcodes. It ensures high-quality prints, longevity, and accurate data representation.Coated paper labels need to be printed with ribbon, and thermal paper labels do not need ribbon , and can be printed directly in the barcode printer.